The objectives of the festival:
The international festival «With a fairy tale around the world» (hereinafter - the Festival) is held in order to:
- acquaintance of Russian-speaking and French-speaking people living in Turkey with the Turkish «fairy tale» and musical culture;
- preservation and development of Russian, Turkish, Kazakh and French culture, theater, literature, folk traditions;
- support and development of the achievements of world art;
- support of talented people;
- strengthening and development of international cultural relations;
- enlightenment and cultural and aesthetic education of young people.
Tasks of the festival:
- the formation and strengthening of the creative ties of theatrical and musical figures in the field of theater for children;
- familiarizing compatriots with the ideas of humanism and cultural values;
- exchange of professional experience in modern trends and styles of theatrical and musical art;
- exchange of professional experience in the field of Russian folk traditions and crafts;
- support and stimulation of creative activities for the creation of performances for children;
- establishing and strengthening partnerships in the implementation of joint creative projects.
Founders of the festival:
The founders of the Festival are Svetlana Ozgur and Yulia Eldaroff. The founders:
- determine the specific dates of the Festival, the venue of the Festival, the participants of the Festival;
- approve an estimate of the cost of financing the organization and holding of the Festival;
- approve the plan of organizational and technical measures for the preparation and holding of the Festival;
- exercise control over the preparation and conduct of the Festival, control over the distribution of photographic and video materials from the Festival;
- have the right to move the terms of the Festival, change the program of the Festival (in particular, exclude the declared participants or include new ones).
Conditions of the Festival:
- Not later than January 1, each participant should send to the organizers of the Festival: an application form (information about the participants of the Festival, a brief information about the theater troupe / musical ensemble, etc., abstract and technical characteristics of the performance / number / master class), video performances, photographic materials, posters, links in the media (if any).
- Each participant represents his country and prepares a Power Point presentation with a short story about the country's state symbols (flag, anthem), geographic location, a number of traditions, customs, national dishes, national costumes, currency notes, etc. in Russian and English, with photos. Duration - 1 hour (30 minutes - story and 30 minutes questions). Every day of the festival - acquaintance with one participating country.
- Each participant holds an exhibition and sale of national souvenirs / books in different languages / crafts for a symbolic price.
- Each participant will be awarded a certificate of appreciation and a memorable prize.
Museum «House of the Stationmaster» (Vyra, Gatchina District, Leningrad Region).
- Svetlana Tarasyuk – Historian, Museum employee.
- Alexandra Noskova – Historian, Museum employee.
1. Cécile Alexandre Ayhan, teacher of additional education in the French school of Pierre Loti (Istanbul).
2. Aydın Çıracıoğlu, accordionist.
3. Cengiz Özek, internationally known Karagöz and Hadjivat shadow puppet artist.
4. Selen Korad Birkiye, dramaturg and asistant director.
5. Chamber orchestra «KOPUZ».
1. Russian Academic Theatre Company for Children and Youth Natalya SATS (Almaty).

- Irina Shitova
- Тatyana Kostyuchenko
- Maksat Sahiugly
- Yuriy Gnusarev
- Natalya Semyonova
- Nikita Konshin
- Аleksandr Shitov
- Zolochevskaya Kristina
Theater Director: Nadejda Gorobets
Company Coordiantor: Elena Sinkova
2. The Principal actor of the Russian Drama Theatre Academy – M.Y. Lermontov Marina Gantseva (Almaty), pupil of Yuriy Pomerantsev.
3. Children's school of models and acting «ANDRES Junior» (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

«Theater atelier de Mauvezin»
(Gers department, 32200),
responsible – Françoise Anton.

- Carole Crouzillac
- Hélène Gil Diénot
- Mathilde Fornelli Anton
- Raymond Saint Leu
- Jean-Pierre Vignaux
- Aurélien Serra

Illustrations made by

- Elena Başlaef (Turkey-Russian)
- Nadine Marcault (France)
- Diana Solovyova (Kazakhstan-Turkey)
- Galina Tregoub (Kazakhstan-Russian)
- Festival designer – Tatiana Borisova (Kazakhstan)
Montage – Vladimir Tarasov
Subtitles in Turkish – Rita Malcan
Montage – Vladimir Tarasov
Subtitles in English – Olesya Turk
Photos From Festival
Photographer: Tatyana Kirillova
Yulia Eldaroff
Yulia Eldaroff, author of multilingual projects for children «Theatrical Pocket»,
«With a fairy tale around the world», «Music for Children».
Svetlana Özgür
Svetlana Özgür, responsible for the committee of the Russian language and
education to the coordinating council of organization for the Russian
compatriots residing in Turkey.
Russian version – Yulia Eldaroff
Turkish version – Ekaterina Cimen
English version – Olesya Turk
French version – Rita Malcan
Author of the website – Eva Leman Osipova
For more information contact, please
+90.536.710.00.44, (RUS,TUR)
+90.531.409.08.79, +7.931.589.64.11 (WA), (RUS, FRA, ENG)
Location of the festival: Istanbul, district of Beyoglu.
Dates of the festival: Tuesday 19.02 – Monday 25.02.2019.