«Theater atelier de Mauvezin»
(Gers department, 32200)
responsible – Francoise Anton
«Theater atelier de Mauvezin» was created under the leadership of Francoise Anton in 1987 in the department of Gers in France. Francoise works with children, adolescents and adults, regularly conducts theatrical workshops. The troupe has taken part in national and international theater festivals, toured in Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Kazakhstan. The repertoire of the troupe includes works by French authors (Moliere, Susan Lébot, Eugène Duriff, Jean-Paul Alagro, Jean-Claude Granbar, Brigitte Sossard, Jean Bosard, etc.) and foreign authors (Shakespeare, etc.).

«Theater atelier de Mauvezin» is affiliated to the National Federation of Airlines

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1. Performance «NASREDDIN HODJA».

A character inspired by Oriental fairytales, Nasreddin is a shrewd character, always ready to mock the others while at the same timing teaching them invaluable lessons. Only the naïve ones wholeheartedly believe his words. The muezim of the village is dead. The villagers are clueless, they meet Nasreddin who will make them believe that he has studied and that he can become their new muezim.

Directed by: Françoise Anton.
Duration: 30 minutes.
Languages: French and Occitan.

2. Performance «BABA-YAGA».

In Russia, in a strange izba (a traditional Russian log house), lives a young girl named MAROUSKA. Every day, she has to prepare the oven into which innocent children who have been captured by the horrible witch Baba-Yaga, her stepmother, will be received. Marouska is able to bravely tolerate the wickedness of Baba-Yaga and the mockery of Olga, Baba-Yaga's favorite daughter. It is at that time during which Greta, the Ice Queen, starts her adventures in the isolated izba. She searches for her dogs, thinking that Baba-Yaga ate them. Marouska reassures her that Bab-Yaga does not eat dogs, only children though. Touched by Marouska's kindness, the Queen promises to save the children from Baba-Yaga's atrocities. At that moment, Marouska discovers the stepmother's new victim, the young Vassiliy and instantly they become friends…

1. Carole CROUZILLAC / Greta, The Ice Queen.
2. Helene GIL DIENOT / Marouska.
3. Mathilde Fornelle Anton / Olga.
4. Raymond SAINT Leu / Vassiliy and Dimitriy.
5. Jean-Pierre VIGNAUX / Baba-Yaga.
6. Marie-Pierre Ufferte / costumes.

Directed by: Françoise Anton.
Duration: 45 minutes.
Language: French.
Video presentation of the performance «Baba-Yaga».
Video presentation of the performance «Nasreddine Hodja».
Spanish dance by Mathilde Fornelli Anton.
Visit of the troupe with the performance «Baba-Yaga» in Almaty in October 2017.
«Baba-Yaga» performance in French at A. Kasteev Art Museum (Almaty, Kazakhstan). First part.
«Baba-Yaga» performance in French at A. Kasteev Art Museum (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Second part.