1. State Academic Russian Theatre for Children and Youth N.Sats (Almaty)
under the direction of Nadejda Gorobets
State Academic Russian Theatre for Children and Youth N.Sats is the oldest and the very first theatre in Kazakhstan for children. It was established in 1945 on the initiative of Natalia Ilinichna Sats (1903-1993).
From the first days of its existence, the theatre has become a cultural center for many generations of people of Kazakhstan.
In 1995, in connection with the 50-th anniversary, the theatre was awarded the title «Academic» and the name of its founder, N.I.Sats.
The merits of the theatre workers were recognized by state awards and titles. One of the divine rules of N. Sats – the theatre should be a holiday. A child comes to the theatre to feel joy, to comprehend the depth of humanity and to carry it with you to the rest of his life!

About the troupe tour during the theater festival in the south of France (Gers department) in July 2018 – http://tuz-sats.kz/category/%
The theater website – http://tuz-sats.kz/

  • «The Small Wooden House». Children's show in French and Russian. Duration – 45 minutes.
There was a house in the field. The Frog first settled there, then Mouse came, and then Gray Hedgehog and loud Rooster went to live with them. The animals lived friendly and happy together! Until the Fox, the Wolf and the Bear came to live with them. And what happened next? .. Russian folk tale with dances, songs, and jokes.

  • «Two Baba Yagas». Children's show in Russian. Duration – 30 minutes.
Not always an ugly hero is a bad hero. Beauty in the soul can be Baba Yaga. And Koschey the Immortal wants to become a gardener. Snake Gorynych – is the White Swan. The most important thing is to believe in love, kindness and help those who need help! The wise tale how kindness always triumphs over evil! And love makes wonders!

  • «Bird of happiness» (Kazakh folk tale). Show for children and adults in Russian and Kazakh. Duration – 15 minutes.
In ancient times people had a bird of happiness. And people lived in prosperity, love and happiness. But the angry witch Zhalmauys Kempir stole the bird. Batyr Asan went to look for the bird. On his way he met the wild wolf, who became a good friend to him. Then Batyr meets the beautiful girl Karashash, who he loved with all his heart. Batyr experienced a lot of adventures and trials on his way but from any difficult situation he came out the winner. Batyr returned home with his girlfriend, a loyal friend and the magical bird.
Video presentation of the work done at the theater by the actress Tatyana Kostyuchenko.
Video presentation of the history of the theater.
Video presentation of the theater troupe.
Video presentation of the show «The Small Wooden House» at the festival in France in July 2018.
2. Marina Gantseva

DATE OF BIRTH: August 4, 1962

1980-1982 – Theater Studio at the Theater M.Y. Lermontov.
1994 - 1996 – Kazakh State Institute of Theater and Cinema T.K. Zhurgenov.

Theater M.Y. Lermontov, Almaty (since 1984)
KTK TV channel (host: «Between us girls», Astroprognosis, News)
Khabar TV Channel (host: «Applause» about theater section, Morning air)
One of the authors and presenters of the program «The Feeling of Theater» for the Khabar channel, Studio Mark-2 (https://youtu.be/46ejyJ6beMs)
Teacher of acting and oratory (20 years experience).

Varvara – «Thunderstorm», A.N. Ostrovsky
Nadya – «All Hope», M. Roshchin
Margarita – «Master and Margarita», M. Bulgakov
Kilina – «Forest Song», L.Ukrainka
Coralie Vernet – «When a horse loses consciousness», F.Sagan
Olga Petrovna Yeletskaya – «Nahlebnik», I.Turgenev
Jenny – «Everything in the garden», E. Olby
Dahlia – «Lonely Waltz», S.Zlotnikov
Vetrova – «House», E.Grishkovets
Lady Utterword – «Heartbreak house», B.Show
Marie – «Complete Harmony», L.M.Coll, A.Burgeois, F.Karua
Irina – «Three Sisters», A. Chekhov
Woman – «Balcony», E. Amanshayev
Baroness Shtral – «Masquerade», M. Lermontov
The poem by Y. Drunina «Yolka» (https://youtu.be/E-jSFRVtT48)

«Deal» (leading role) (https://youtu.be/ZuyZcQS8jQI)
«Fake» (episode) (http://youtu.be/EdX_zIfEwyY)
«Astana – my love» (episode)
«Bird of Happiness» (episode)
Clip Parviz Nazarov «The Godmother» (leading role) (https://youtu.be/n90THV1xFpA)

  • Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Winner of the State Prize «Daryn
E-mail: margogan62@mail.ru

Program :
Show by the sonnets of William Shakespeare (translated by S. Y. Marchak) «The voices of the past» in Russian. Duration – 15 minutes.

The sonnets of William Shakespeare are not just poetry. These are examples of the words of the Renaissance era. The show «Voices of the Past» is a small excursion into the depths of human feelings, a reflection of people's weaknesses and strengths. Poems about love.
3. Children's school of models and acting
«ANDRES Junior»

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Model agency «ANDRES» exists since 1995. On September 1, 2012, at the agency of the ANDRES models, the children's school of models and acting skills ANDRES Junior began its work.
At the moment it is a developed system of education, with an established convenient schedule and timetable, with professional teachers, original programs and courses.
To develop each discipline, we were guided by the vast experience and professionalism of teachers, the requirements of the market for fashion-services and modelling. The purpose of training is to create a database of models and actors with universal qualities, corresponding both to external and professional qualities.
Our task is to cultivate a good taste in a child, to develop his individuality, creative abilities, to help develop his potential, as well as to increase self-esteem and to get rid of complexes.
Children and teenagers of «ANDRES Junior» model agency take part in various runway shows, advertising photo and video shootings, video clips, presentations, etc.
Creative group «Artists» under the leadership of Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marina Gantseva
• Breus Yelizaveta 10 years old
• Yarushina Sophia 10 years old
Young actresses have been engaged in acting skills for six months. Sofia has played leading role in the performance of The Nutcracker. The premiere took place on November 3, 2018 in the State Museum of Art. A. Kasteev (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
Program :
1. Staged from the fable of Galina Dobrovolskaya «Two Artists» in Russian. Duration – 5 minutes.

Reflection on the theme of decency and honesty in human relations.

2. Staged from Korney Chukovsky's children's poem «Tsokotukha The Fly» in Russian. Duration – 5 minutes.

The plot of the story is simple, as is the idea that lies in the triumph of good over evil.

Show by the sonnets of William Shakespeare (translated by S. Y. Marchak) «The voices of the past» interpreted by Marina Gantseva during the theater festival in France in July 2018. Extract.
Video presentation prepared by the students of Marina Gantseva.