1. Cécile Alexandre Ayhan, teacher of additional education in the French school of Pierre Loti (Istanbul).

Since childhood, fascinated by the fairy-tale world, Cécile collects tales of different nations and shares them with the students of the school where she works. The dolls and masks made by her come to life in the classroom and brighten up her stories ...

Fairy tales for laughter and entertainment, fairy tales for education and reflection.

  • Fairy tale «Marlaget». Duration – 20 minutes.

This tale takes us deep into the forest. It narrates about meeting the girl Marlaget and gray wolf. Is a true friendship between a little girl and a wild animal possible?

  • Fairy tale «Little Peacock and Golden Ducat». Duration – 20 minutes.

Once in the yard a small peacock, rummaging through mud, found a golden ducat. The king found out about it. The king ordered the golden ducat to be taken from the little peacock, but the brave peacock did not want to give in. «Either you eat me or I will eat you, but I won't leave without a golden ducat!»
Video presentation prepared by Cécile Alexandre Ayhan.
2. Aydın Çıracıoğlu

Aydın Çıracıoğlu was born in 1989 in the city of Mugla (Turkey). In his student years, while at university he learned to play the accordion. He participated in many musical projects as a music director and performer. In his work, he mostly refers to Turkish, Greek, Balkan and Caucasian musical motifs. He obtained education in the field of ethnomusicology at the Center for Music Studies at Istanbul Technical University.
Video presentation prepared by Aydın Çıracıoğlu.
3. Cengiz Özek, internationally known Karagöz and Hadjivat shadow puppet artist.

Cengiz Özek was born in 1964. After graduating from the department of theatrical mastery at the Conservatory, he began to study such disciplines as lighting, miniature, calligraphy and restoration.

Cengiz is known worldwide as a master of the Turkish Shadow Theater Karagöz and Hadjivat. In 1993, he founded his puppet theater, and in 1998 – the first annual International Puppet Festival in Istanbul. His puppets Karagöz and Hadjivat, made of camel skin, were exhibited in a number of museums, including the National Museum of the Netherlands.

Since 1989, Cengiz has been actively touring in different countries with his performances (more than 500) and master classes.

Cengiz Özek website -
Fairy tale «The garbage monster». Duration – 45 minutes.

Have you ever thrown garbage into the sea? If so, have you ever imagined what happens to it? There's a creature whose job is to clean the seas and he does his job with a great sense of responsibility. This creature has eaten so much garbage that he has turned into a monster, but a goodhearted monster nonetheless. He resolutely tries to eat all the garbage he can find to keep the seas clean. He mostly hates plastic bottles. Oh what's that? Karagöz is throwing a plastic bottle into the sea, and now the monster is showing up and faces Karagöz!

We're moving from land to sea with Karagöz's little boat, we're following the fish under the water; we're going into the stomach of the Garbage Monster! When the naive and attractive vision of this environmental comedy comes together with tunes of traditional songs, it makes a colourful and humorous world of Turkish shadow puppets. Those who watch the show cannot believe that there's only one person behind the screen to perform all the characters!

Fairy tale is in Turkish.
Video presentation prepared by Cengiz Özek.
Video presentation of the tale «The garbage monster».
4. Selen Korad Birkiye, dramaturg and asistant director.

Born in 1966. Got her B.S. and M.S. (Dissertation: «Representation of Women and Family in Republican Turkish Drama») from Sociology department in Middle East Technical University. Got her pedagogy certificate from Yildiz Technical University. Her Ph.d. dissertation was «Problematic of Intercultural Staging in the Modern Theatre» in Ankara University. Giving dramaturgy and theatre theory courses since 2004 in Beykent University, Istanbul University, Istanbul Aydin University, Anadolu University, and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Got her assoc. prof. degree with his book «To Manage or Not to Manage: Guidebook for Arts Management».

Working as a dramaturg in Istanbul State Theatres since 2001. She worked as an asistant artistic director between 2009-2014 in the same theatre. Worked more than 30 plays in State Theatres and private Theaters as a dramaturg and asistant director. She got «the best dramaturg» award from İsmet Küntay Theatre Awards.

Working as a creative drama/theatre pedagogy leader since 1994. She did and attended number of national and international workshops and seminars.

Working as assistant of internationally known Karagöz shadow puppet artist Cengiz Özek since 1996. Founded International Istanbul Puppet Festival together with him.

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5. Chamber orchestra «KOPUZ».

The Kopuz Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1982 by Fetti KOPUZ and a group of music lovers of classical music. Currently, the orchestra is supported by the French Lyceum Saint Joseph High School in Istanbul.
Orchestra performances are held in universities, schools, cultural centers with the purpose of popularizing polyphonic classical music in Turkey and supporting solo musicians of all ages.

  • Yusuf DURSUN (violin)
Yusuf DURSUN was born in 1989 in the city of Eregli (the province of Konya in Turkey). In 2003, he started violin lessons at Erdemir Anatolian Fine Arts High School, in 2007 he entered the music faculty of Abant Izzet Baysal University in Bolu. He performed with Quartet «CADENCE», an academic chamber orchestra and Youth orchestra Izzet-Baysal. In 2011, he entered the magistrate of Marmara University, the faculty of music education, he performed with the chamber orchestra of Marmara University, the chamber orchestra Yeni Yuzyil, Istanbul youth Symphony orchestra and Istanbul Symphony orchestra Soundtrack. Since 2015, he has been working as a violin teacher at the Aydin Dogan Fine Arts High school, since 2018, he has been performing with «Kopuz» Chamber orchestra.

  • Gurkan GOKSEL (violin)
Gurkan GOKSEL was born in 1978 in Mersin-Silifke in Turkey. Training on the violin he began at the age of 17 with a teacher Ozchan SEYHAN. He graduated from the music faculty of the State University of Nigde (Central part of Turkey), where he worked with professors Oktay Dalaysel and Feridun Buyukaksoy. Today Gurkan GOKSEL works as a viola teacher at the Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School in Istanbul. For many years, he has been a concertmaster of «Kopuz» Chamber orchestra, making a great contribution as a conductor and a soloist.

  • Alsu GUIMADIEVA (violoncello)
Alsu Guimadieva was born in a small town called Volzhsk located in Mari El State of Russia. At the age of 6 she started taking piano lessions and at 8 – violoncello. At the age of 10 she performed with a Students Symphony orchestra of the town . In 1989, she won the 2nd place at the Regional Competition of Strings in the Performing Arts of Republic of Mari El. In 1999, Alsu Guimadieva graduated from Kazan State Conservatoire after N.G.Zhiganov – Strings Department (Violoncello) Orchestra Faculty in The republic of Tatarstan where she was a student of the world-famous Professor Hairutdinov Avzal Nasretdinovich. During this period, she performed as Bas Cellist in the Symphony Orchestra of Yoshkar-Ola Sapaev Mari state Opera and Ballet Theatre, as bas Cellist in Tatarstan State Conservatoire Students Symphony Orchestra and Tatarstan State Symphony Orchestra. In 2002, she moved to Istanbul and continued her career in various vocal and instrumental ensembles in the Yeditepe Chamber orchestra and the Filmsoundtrack Symphony orchestra. All these years she has been actively teaching in various music schools, among which Pera Fine Arts High School 2011-2017. Since 2017, she has been performing with «Kopuz» Chamber Orchestra.

Members of the «KOPUZ» Chamber Orchestra

Chef: Şekip ENSARİ

1 violins:


Nuray Verim ÖZBEY


Nurdan KAYA


2nd violins:



Gülşah BULUT









İpek Ekseriyet AÇAN




Elif Esen BİRLİK


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